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Record Store Day Drops 2021

Hundreds of artists and record labels have come together to release an exciting array of exclusive, special, and one-off vinyl records which will be available only from participating shops (Ours is included!). Due to the pandemic, this year’s celebrations will take place across two Record Store Day “Drops” on Saturday 12th June and Saturday 17th July. A Full list of releases is available HERE  or on the official RSD Website:

Please make sure you go to the UK Site as The US site will have some different releases which will not be available in the UK.  We will also have a list in store.

As Most will be aware, these releases are very limited and are available via independent participating record stores only.  They are on a first come first serve basis and we CAN NOT reserve items under any circumstances. 

However every year we do ask people to give us a 'wish list' . We will then ensure that we order those records in, however due to the limited numbers we cannot guarantee how many of each title we will receive. We will have wish lists available in store for you to fill in, or send us a message with your details and any Titles you are interested in. We would require wish lists by the end of April for the first drop.